Wickhams Fancy

wickhams fancy

Wickham’s Fancy 

The Wickhams Fancy is a very well established fly and a true favourite of many an angler especially those who favour the loch style fishing. It tends to fish really well when sedges are about and is usually fished on the point, although can be just as deadly on any of the droppers. Fishermen use it in a vary of different sizes depending on how rough a wave there is, normally the bigger the wave, the bigger the fly.




Hook:  Size 14, 12 or 10, medium-shank bronze.

Tying silk: Black

Tail: A few fibres of Ginger cock hackle.

Body: Flat Gold tinsel ribbed with fine gold wire.

Ribbing Hackle: Ginger cock.

Hackle: Ginger cock.

Wing: Medium starling.

Head: Black varnish.

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