Teal Blue And Silver

Teal Blue And Silver

Teal Blue And Silver


The Teal Blue and Silver like all the others was first developed for loch fishing, it was as a fly for seat rout that it received great publicity.

But it has remained popular with lake or loch anglers, with whom it still enjoys a certain reputation. While it is looked upon as a general pattern and should be used as such,many consider that because of its gay colouring it should be classified as a lure or attractor pattern.

But as it is smaller than the average lure it is useful in-between fly, and with its bright dressing it may be used with advantage when the water is discoloured afterheavy rain or when there is heavy algae bloom present, which often occurs after a prolonged period of bright sunny weather.

It should be fished on the point, retrieved fairly fast, and is usually more effective when fished on a sinking or sink tip line.

The procedure for dressing this pattern is the same as for the Teal and Green—only the materials differ.



Hooks: Size 8 to 14.

Silk: Black.

Rib: Fine Silver Oval Tinsel.

Body: Wide Flat Silver Tinsel Or Lurex.

Hackle: Hen Dyed Bright Blue.

Wings: Teal Breast Or Flank Feathers.

Tail: Golden Pheasant Tippet Fibres.


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