Stoats Tail

stoats tail

Stoats tail

If you are fishing for sea trout with the Stoat’s Tail and a salmon is about, it would take this fly in preference to any other – at least, that has been my experience with fishing shallow, clear Rivers. It is an excellent fly for sea trout in that hour as dusk approaches, when many anglers like to rest a pool. In fact, it has great all-round appeal and seems to work well on all game Rivers. Yes, it is a good trout fly as well!


Hook: Size: 10 or 8.

Tying silk: Black.

Tail:  Golden pheasant crest.

Tag:  Silver wire.

Body:  Black floss ribbed with silver wire.

Hackle: Black cock.

Wing: Black stoat’s tail hair or squirrel as a substitute.

Head: Black varnish.

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