Squirrel And Silver

squirrel and silver

Squirrel and silver


This Squirrel and Silver pattern was first shown to me by John McLellan at eyebrook and Pitsford in 1963.

It was a good year for both rainbow and brown trout on these Waters. Bank tactics were to cast a long line (Silk in those days), allow the Lure to sink well down, and to make a steady retrieve. Later, it was found that the squirrel and silver worked well on other reservoirs, including Grafham and Rutland, where specialized sinking-line boat Tactics were developed.

It was in the early 1970s that I found this Lure was a deadly sea trout pattern.




Hook: Size 12, 10, or 6.

Tying silk: Black.

Tail: Red wool or hackle fibres.

Body: Silver tinsel.

Hackle: Silver Mallard fibres.

Wing: Natural squirrel tail.

Head: Black varnish.

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