Silver Doctor

silver doctor

Silver Doctor


An excellent sea trout fly, the Silver Doctor, this slim down version has scored well on the Welsh Rivers.

It seems to work best on a sinking line at night, and has been the downfall of known Big Fish resting in deep pools at times of low water.

I also use it regularly on stillwaters and find the Rainbow trout quite attracted to it, I have use it on a sinking line

and on a floater on the point as part of a team, a very good attracter on it’s day.



Hook: Size 12, 10 or 8.

Tying silk: Black.

Tail:  Golden pheasant tippet.

Body:  Silver tinsel ribbed with silver wire.

Hackle: Kingfisher blue cock.

Wing: Grey feather fibre.

Head: Black varnish.

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