Kingfisher Butcher

kingfisher butcher

Kingfisher butcher


The Kingfisher Butcher is a great trout fly when fished on the point of a team of wets. I use it in sizes 14 and 12 in a light breeze, but in a higher wave a size 10 is better. I feel confident fishing it for rainbows or Browns in reservoirs or Scottish lochs, and I am told that it is an excellent sea trout fly and has the reputation of tempting the larger fish at night.




Hook: Size 14, 12, 10 or 8.

Tying silk: Black.

Tail: Kingfisher blue Hackle fibres.

Body: Gold tinsel ribbed with gold wire.

Hackle: Hot-Orange.

Wing: Blue-back mallard.

Head: Black varnish.

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