Hatching Green Pupa

hatching green pupa

Hatching Green Pupa 

The Hatching green pupa is good when it is hot and sunny. When you have flat calm conditions on a reservoir and you find things are quiet on top and very little doing down low, keep an eye out for bright green very small chironomids. It never usually seems to be a big hatch since these species are rarer than others, but when this does occur, fish this pattern slowly through the surface on a size 14 hook and a 3lb leader and there’s a high possibility that if there are fish about you will certainly be in with a good chance of a take.



Hook:  Size 14, 12 or 10.

Tying Silk: Black

Body: Bright green floss, ribbe with black tying silk.

Thorax: Grey seal’s fur or wool.

Shellback Head: Brown feather-fibre.

Wing cases: Orange feather fibre.

Breather filament: White nylon wool.

Head: Black varnish.

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