Green Suspender Nymph

green suspender nymph

Green Suspender Nymph 

This Suspender buzzer, the Green suspender nymph can be tied in whatever colour you choose to make a complete range. It is a John Goddard Classic. Some very good catches have been made when using a team of these nymphs when fished from a boat. The suspender buzzer is at its best when fish are taking nymphs high in the water. Allow the breeze to fish the nymphs for you. The takes are confident and the trout often hook themselves.



Hook:  Size 14, 12 or 10.

Tying Silk: Black

Thorax and Body: Green seal’s fur, Antron or wool, ribbed with fine silver wire.

Head: A ball of polystyrene trapped in a piece of white nylon stocking.

Head finish: Black varnish.

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