Claret Hatching Midge

claret hatching midge

Claret Hatching Midge 

This is a Bob Church Claret hatching midge pattern which he used back in the 1960’s when he used to witness good evening rises to the buzzer at Grafham water. At the time he found that claret was a killer colour so decided to tie this particular pattern . To give the nymph more movement on the slow retrieve he used a full circular hackle. This made for a better imitation of the natural insects wings emerging from their protective cases. The nymph is at its best when fished right in the surface film.



Hook:  Size 14, 12 or 10, medium-shank bronze.

Tying Silk: Black

Body: Single strand of claret wool, ribbed with fuse-wire.

Thorax: Peacock herl with grey feather-fibre at the body side of the hackle. Pull this into the shellback head after the hackle has been wound on.

Hackle: Two turns of honey cock hackle.

Head: Bring forward the shellback feather, tie off and varnish black.

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